Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting laid off can be great fun

Whenever I mention that I got laid off people naturally offer their sympathy. I quickly explain that it was a good thing; even an answer to prayer. Here I was 73 years old and working for a great company for the last 5 years. It was a nice job with my office at home, a company car, no politics, great insurance, great folks to work with; in short, an ideal position. HOWEVER, I had often found myself thinking, "Am I just going to keep working until I keel over?" There are lots of other things I ought to be doing while I can still motate about. We have a decent nestegg and the job is not a necessity. Besides it tends to get in the way of those other things.

So, as luck would have it, the owner of the company called & wanted to get together to discuss how we could tighten things up, the company having just experienced a couple of months of economic slowdown. His decision was to lay of some of the outside managers. He promised a nice severence check, along with acrued vacation pay and continued insurance coverage until we could make other arrangments. I put on a "brave face" & told him I understood and would be ok. Inside I got very excited. And it's been great. Besides, the unimployment benefits were a big surprise to me that I hadn't even considered. $450 per week? For over a year? Wow!

This is my first posting this year on my blog. Sorry about that. I plan to get going again and include some interesting stuff including some pictures and words covering the trip my daughter Karen & I took to Chile & Easter Island recently. Stay tuned.


Deborah W said...

YAY! You're posting again!!! Whoohooooo! I haven't kept up to well on my own blog, but am going to try to do better. Can't wait to see you on Friday!! Love, Deb

Jessica said...

Welcome back grandpa!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Hi Uncle Mike,
I found your Blog though Debbys. She found me on facebook and I found her blog through facebook so here I am now reading yours. I skimmed through your life history blog and want to really read it when I get more time. I am excited for your kids that you are doing your life story. I wish my Dad could have done something like this. I am going to try to talk my Mom into it. Love you and tell Aunt Jeri hi for me!
Love Elizabeth